Your County Collector, Sheila L. Palmer

Welcome to the Platte County Collector's homepage. The County Collector's Office strives to provide the best service to the taxpayers of Platte County. As your Platte County Collector, I would like to welcome you to our website.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Platte County Collector's office, Sheila was elected to this position in 2010. While in office, Sheila has offered the taxpayers the option of paying their real estate in quarterly installments, paying taxes by phone, added physical address and appraised value to the real estate statements and receipts, itemized tax amounts for each vehicle on personal property, added VIN#'s to personal property statements, and is sending files to the Department of Revenue daily to make licensing easier for taxpayers. The collector's office works closely with other county offices to insure the taxpayers concerns are resolved. Sheila is dedicated to serving the citizens of Platte County as your Platte County Collector.


  • Collects $225 million in tax revenue annually.
  • Disburses tax revenue to 88 separate taxing districts (school, road, fire districts, etc.).
  • Prepares four separate tax statements for: Personal Property (cars, trucks, boats, etc.); Real Estate (residential, commercial, agricultural); Utilities(railroad, airline, gas lines, etc.); Drainage and Levies.
  • Provides Merchant & Manufacturer Licenses to appropriate businesses or persons.
  • Conducts delinquent tax sale in August.
  • Collector is charged with the duties of collecting the taxes due, as shown on the Assessor's records, and then distributes the funds monthly to the various taxing entities.

Office Information

  • Personal and Real Estate tax statements are mailed in November of each year. If you do not receive your statement by the end of November, please contact our office immediately.
  • Please inspect your statements to verify that mailing address, vehicles, and legal descriptions are correct.
  • All tax statements are due upon receipt and become delinquent after December 31st.
  • To avoid penalty and interest, be sure your payment is USPS Postmarked no later than December 31st. Many post offices DO NOT postmark mail the same day it is received and DO NOT hand cancel.
  • Failure to receive a statement does not relieve the taxpayer's obligation to pay taxes and any penalty and interest that may apply.
  • Payments can be made in person, by telephone, by mail, online at this website or at our 24 hour drop box located just outside the entrance to Platte County Government Complex. Payments may be made with cash, personal check, e-check, money order, or credit card.
  • We sincerely hope you find this site easy to navigate and that it provides a service to you. Thank you for visiting the site. We welcome suggestions for improvement. Please revisit and watch for new additions in the future.

    Contact Us

    Phone Number: (816) 858-3356
    Fax Number: 1 (816) 858-3357

    Office Hours

    Monday thru Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    Location & Mailing Address

    Platte County Administrative Building
    Sheila L. Palmer, Collector
    415 3rd St., Room 212
    Platte City, MO 64079