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About the Collector
Sheila L. Palmer
With more than 30 years of experience in the Platte County Collector's Office, Sheila served as Assistant Chief Deputy Collector from 1993-2010, and was elected County Collector in 2010. Sheila received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Missouri. While in office, Sheila has offered the taxpayers the option of paying their real estate taxes in quarterly installments, paying taxes by phone, added the physical addess and appraised value to the real estate statements, itemized tax amounts and VIN numbers for each vehicle on personal property statements, added a live chat feature to better serve taxpayers and sends daily paid files to the Missouri Department of Revenue to make licensing easier. Sheila is dedicated to serving the citizens of Platte County as your Platte County Collector.


  • Collects $281 million in tax revenue annually.
  • Disburses tax revenue to 88 separate taxing districts (school districts, road districts, fire districts, etc.).
  • Prepares four separate tax statements for: personal property (cars, trucks, boats, etc.), real estate (residential, commercial, agricultural), utilities (railroads, airlines, gas lines, etc.) and drainage levies.
  • Provides Merchant & Manufacturer licenses to appropriate business or persons.
  • Conducts a yearly delinquent tax sale in August.
  • The Collector is charged with the duties of collecting the taxes due, as shown on the Assessor’s records, and then the funds are disbursed monthly to the various taxing entities.

Phone Number: (816)-858-3356